Marcus Garvey Village

MWSK worked with the Marcus Garvey Extension Project, a 100% affordable and supportive housing complex in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn. This construction project will deliver 348 units and 13,400 s/f of commercial and community facility space, including services for families coming out of shelters—and MWSK worked with the complex to deliver HVAC capabilities at the complex with the water source heat pump recovery chillers installed throughout.

Marcus Garvey “B” Building, the seven-story 215 Livonia Ave. construction, will include 96 residential units, including 52 supportive housing units, and 6,000 s/f of ground-floor retail and community space. The 52 supportive housing units will be dedicated to families coming out of shelters, with (WiN) Women in Need providing services and programming for those units.

Skyline Engineering, alongside Curtis + Ginsberg Architects, have worked diligently with MWSK HVAC Sales Inc. to design around a trailblazing new product for the Marcus Garvey Village expansion:  Modular water-cooled heat pump recovery chillers used to produce 140° domestic hot water supply out of the project’s geothermal ground loop. In cold winter months, this equipment will be able to take a subfreezing propylene glycol-and-water mixture from below ground and supply an entire affordable housing complex with a domestic hot water supply.